Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr Foundation
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Current News

EFFECTIVE April 20, 2016, only 1 grant application per institution will be accepted for the August 1 deadline.

June, 2015

    Three scientists in the Physician Scientist Training Program Washington                                       University have received the Burroughs Welcome Fund Award

    Valentina Greco, of Yale School of Medicine, named 59th Mallinckrodt Scholar
    Ileana Cristea, of Princeton University, named 60th Mallinckrodt Scholar

September, 2015
    2015 Grant awardees:
        Jun Wu - U. of Michigan    
        Effie Apostolou - Weill Cornell
        Rachel Flynn - Boston University
        Luis Batista - Washington University
        Ilya Monosov - Wahington University
        Yuki Oka - Caltech
        Irene Chiolo - U. of Southern CA

June, 2016
        Gary Patti, of Washington University, 61st Mallinckrodt Scholar
        Cole Haynes, of Memorial Sloan Kettering, 62nd Mallinckrodt Scholar